Bundoora Pre-School

Bundoora Pre-school is located at 20 Noorong Avenue in Bundoora, Victoria. The pre-school is community based and governed by a Committee of Management. Bundoora Pre-school offers both three-year-old and four-year-old programs. The pre-school is located within close proximity to public transport, as well as the local primary and secondary schools. Bundoora Pre-school is within the Banyule City Council area.

At Bundoora Pre-school, we believe play is natural and vital to the development of every child. Emphasis is placed on the provision of opportunities, in both three and four-year-old groups, for children to play and experiment through open-ended experiences and more structured activities.

Bundoora Pre-school is a wonderful place for a child to begin their early education.  When a family becomes a part of the pre-school community, they become a part of something very special.


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