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Promoting our kinder in the community

Every year, Bundoora Pre-school has an Open Day to allow families to visit our very special kinder and speak to our incredible staff.
Instrumental in helping us to advertise the annual Open Day are the following generous supporters of Bundoora Pre-school.

The Office of the Honourable Colin Brooks, State MP for Bundoora
Suite 1, 1320 Plenty Road, Bundoora 3083

For many years, the office of Colin Brooks has been printing the thousands of brochures distributed to advertise our annual Open Day.  This generous contribution allows us to connect with the Bundoora community and provide them with information about our wonderful kinder.

Mr Brooks’ office has also, on many other occasions, assisted us with the printing of documents for our families.

Thank you to Mr Brooks and his dedicated staff for always being so obliging in their efforts to assist our pre-school.

Stockdale and Leggo Real Estate, Bundoora
591 Grimshaw Street, Bundoora 3083

Stockdale and Leggo, Bundoora kindly supply the many reams of paper necessary for the production of our Open Day brochure each year.  Their very generous support allows us to produce the brochure, for distribution within the community, at no cost to the pre-school.

The staff of Stockdale and Leggo are always so gracious in their efforts to assist us, going out of their way to ensure that we are supplied with exactly what we need, and for that we are very grateful.

Barry Plant Real Estate, Bundoora
3/1177 Plenty Road, Bundoora 3083

Since 2010, Barry Plant, Bundoora has supplied our kinder with a fantastic, full-colour billboard advertising our Open Day.

The staff of Barry Plant, Bundoora continue to go the extra mile in their efforts to provide us with this invaluable service.  We appreciate how simple and efficient the process is and how willing the staff are to assist our pre-school.  Many thanks.